After being present in the underground scene for more then 2 decades, WaveBndr aka Collision felt from deep within it was time for him to bring all elements of true Rave music together again. Like how it all started in the early fundaments of electronic dance music.

Even though WaveBndr has grown a name for his self though his other AcidCore/Tekno alias ‘Collision’ (especially through his vinyl labels Obs.cur, Cult Collective, InterWave & Hangar…to name a few), it now made perfect sense to start a newborn entity which fuses, molds & bends all technoid flavours into one harmonic blend, where all lovers of underground music will feel connected again.

In his eclectic interpretation of electronic dance music, one can expect a profound & powerfull mix which contain solid drops of Techno, Acid, Classics, Industrial Techno, Hardtrance & more.

Rave is the message.

Main styles Techno
DJ/Liveset Both
Sounds like Rave

Video footage


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