IND is an electronic music producer and a live performer who is part of Cult Collective and member of Beat Addicts, the crew who organise Disorder partys in Paris where he is resident.

His music is a blend of different styles, always searching the balance between mental travel, groove and atmosphere (organic, industial…).
Adept of working on synthetisers, and on the notion of sound texture and auditive landscape he likes to search original sounds and create musical landscape who put the auditor in the center of the story.

He loves working on spatialisation and creates a live which aims to be immersive, while keeping in mind that dancing must be the engine of those musical travels.

Influenced by oldschool hardcore from 90/2000 as by the groove of tribe music, power of dutch sound, trance sound research, movies’ soundtrack or jazz, his live performance is constantly evolving and are intens musical moments to share and experience together!

Main styles Tekno
DJ/Liveset Liveset
Sounds like Symphonic & Dark

Video footage


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