Being a tekno veteran, Sifres has played his role in several soundsystems and projects since the 90’s to emerge in 2011 as the producer he is today. He has released 30 tracks in the last years on several big european acidtekno labels like Obs.cur, Teknosucks and Mackitek along with his personal labels Sifrec and Anger Management. He always has new ideas, collaborations, projects and labels in mind and is very active in releasing quality tunes.

With a mixture of acidtekno beats, industrial noise and tribe music, Sifres likes to keep the dancefloor in a constant state of flux. Goal is to make people move and moving them at the same time. His livesets are energetic slow building powerhouses. Madness follows.

Main styles Acidtekno
DJ/Liveset Both
Sounds like Industrial & Epic

Video footage


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